Tips on what to do after a claim occurs:

1. Take only reasonable, emergency measures to protect from further loss  and unwanted entry to the property.

2. Report the loss to your insurance company/agent immediately upon discovery of loss.

3. Take photographs and keep receipts to keep a record of the repair process and cost.

4. Keep the damaged material/items on site for the adjuster to document.

5. Keep an inventory both before and after a loss. Photographs, receipts, and cleared checks will help in substantiating your loss. Keep these documents safe and/or off site. 

Claims Information

Please use the list of numbers below to report claims directly to the insurance company. You will need your policy number when speaking with them. You can also call our agency for assistance.


American Bankers 800-654-4895

Wright flood 800-725-9472

Hartford 800-759-8656

Philadelphia 800-759-8656

Homeowners and Fire:

Atlantic Specialty 305-294-6677

Bankers Insurance/First Community 800-765-9700

Florida Family Mutual 888-486-4663

Heritage: 855-415-7120

Safe Harbor: 866-482-5246

Seacoast Brokers 305-294-6677

Stillwater: 800-220-1351

Foremost 800-527-3905

Southern Fidelity 866-722-4995

Lexington: 305-294-6677


Foremost 800-274-7865

Dairyland/Viking/Peak Property 800-338-2487

Mercury 800-503-3724

Progressive 800-274-4499



Other Important Numbers:

Insurance Consumer Hotline 800-342-2762

FEMA 800-621-3362

American Red Cross 305-296-3651